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How to Manage QuickBooks Bill Online

If you want your business to work and succeed in this competitive economy, it becomes equally important to keep track of your records timely. After performing this, it ultimately helps you in managing the cash flow properly and indicates you where your business stands out in the market. However, the bill management sometimes becomes too complicated and lengthy to manage, and often ignored by small businesses. If you are in trouble about how you would manage and keep track of the bill correctly, then you need to relax now! You can speak with a technical expert at QuickBooks helpline number and get the proper tech assistance regarding the matter in no time.

To keep a record of your cash amount, you must have to create different accounts. And, to set up an expense amount, you will have to click on lists and then go to the section of accounts option and finally click ‘New’ in the next window. You will be asked to select the expense account type in the new account window. Now, have a look at how you can manage QuickBooks bill online without any hassle.

Steps to Receive and Enter a Bills in QuickBooks

  • Go to ‘Vendors’ and enter ‘Bills.’
  • Choose the vendor for which you intend to enter the bill
  • Select a specific supplier present in the drop-down menu
  • Then, select the ‘Bill Date, Terms, Due Date’ of the invoice.
  • Type the amount and explain the description
  • Enter the tax rate, save the changes and close the window.

Pay QuickBooks Bills Easily

You can pay your bills with the help of expense form in several ways. Else, you can also go to the supplier’s webpage to pay the bill. However, ‘Bill.com’ will be a better choice if you want to make the auto bill payment.

Set Reminders for Bill Payments

To manage the bill payment properly, setting reminders will be a great option. By putting the reminder will help you remind of your due amount. And, with the help of this reminder, you can simply process the payment before the deadline without any delay. Note that only setting the dates would work fine for you.

Keep Checking the Reports of the Payment

To check the report of your payment, head to the ‘Reports’ section and then on ‘Payables or Suppliers.’ By clicking that, you will get to see various reports available on the screen and select the payment report you want to see.

These are the steps and the information to manage your QuickBooks bills online. If you need any help regarding managing the billing process, you can directly have words with a tech professional at QuickBooks customer support number and get the proper tech assistance whenever you need.

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