How to Get Instant Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

How to Get Instant Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

It sounds exciting that Quickbooks software provides an efficient service of processing payments in your bank accounts very quickly. It is commonly observed that if customers use QuickBooks payment to operate customer payment via QuickBooks desktop, then it might take a few days to complete the transaction in your bank account. But the instant deposit in QuickBooks desktop allows the customer to receive money rapidly. QuickBooks online are also available for instant deposits.

What is an instant deposit for a QuickBooks desktop?

Instant deposits in QuickBooks desktop allows the user to get money swiftly, and it also provides an online option to get instant deposit in QuickBooks. If a customer does not use the instant deposit, they can request to have funds in their bank account in less than 30 minutes. But the customer can only avail of this benefit by setting up the instant deposit on the QuickBooks desktop. In addition to this, customers can also customize instant deposits to run automatically on a specific weekday.

No doubt QuickBooks charges a regular fee for processing transactions but gives an excellent service in receiving money in a very short interval of time.

Step 1: Acquire access to instant deposit

Users must have a QuickBooks payment account to access the instant deposit. Quickbooks allows the modes to deposit your money in your checking account by debit cards. The visa or MasterCard must be connected to the Credit Union or Bank Of The checking version. Only uses a debit card to facilitate instant deposit and debate are regular fees from payments bank accounts for the instant deposit facility’s smooth service. 

Users can follow specific steps to add their debit card and link that to their payment account. Confirm the linking of the debit card once you receive the email as you are added to a merchant account of QuickBooks desktop.

Now the user might be prompted to select their instant deposit account.

Step 2: Check your available funds

The processed customer payment is reflected as an available balance in the account. This balance acts as available money for are you to deposit instantly. 

Users can only get an instant depositį¹£ if the account has an available balance. They can get the entire credit in one go.

Steps to follow to see available funds are

  • Go to the customer and select Credit Card processing
  • Now choose record merchant service deposit
  • Finally, review your balance in the instant deposit banner

Step 3: Receive an instant deposit

Now the final step is to avail the instant deposit. Steps involved in getting the instant deposits are mentioned below.

  • Follow the above two steps till selecting record merchant service deposits. 
  • The next step is to get its fast selection under an instant deposit banner.
  • Now review the total fees in the confirmed deposit window
  • The final step is to tap on get it now

Within a few minutes, you will encounter the transfer of money in your selected bank account. It might take 30 minutes to complete this process as this may depend on your bank account. 

Hope this block proves to be beneficial for the instant deposit to your bank account if a user gets stuck at any point while processing, they can contact the QuickBooks helpline number and talk to an expert only for the resolution of the problem.

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