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How to fix QuickBooks Error code 15240

How to fix QuickBooks Error code 15240

QuickBooks is an efficient and easy to use accounting software in today’s time. It has various features that build a sense of trust between small and mid-sized businesses. Users can handle accounts, transactions, bills, taxes, invoices of vendors, customers, employees, etc. In recent times, running a company has never been an easy task if your finances are not appropriately arranged. The software provides a platform where maintenance of your finances can become easy and accurate. Information can be downloaded with just one click. It is also prone to various errors like other software. QuickBooks error 15240 is an update error that can trouble you primarily if you don’t acknowledge the causes and methods to rectify it. For quick resolution, you must call QuickBooks Error Support to troubleshoot this error.

What Are the Causes Behind QuickBooks Error 15240?

Some of the factors are listed below, explaining why QuickBooks error 15240 occurs.

  • Not using QuickBooks latest version
  • Accessing the application without as an Administrator or logged in as Windows Administrator
  • The download link is inaccurate, wrong or invalid, but the shared download is active
  • Using the QuickBooks multi-user mode in a terminal service setting
  • Damaged registry files or corrupted Windows
  • Corrupted QuickBooks update.

What Are the Symptoms of QuickBooks error 15240?

  • QuickBooks can’t install the latest upgrade
  • Failure of Payroll upgrade
  • Can’t do Payroll

What Are the Effects of QuickBooks Update Error 15240?

QuickBooks shows an update error. Once this error happens, you haven’t downloaded the QuickBooks update error successfully. As a result of this error, the system may frequently crash, Windows may also run slowly and respond to mouse and keyboard inputs, or it may even stop for a few seconds.

What Are the Methods for Rectifying QuickBooks Error 15240?

Various methods can help you in resolving QuickBooks error 15240 that are given below.

Method – 1 Make Sure That You Are Running QuickBooks As an Administrator

  • Please move to the QuickBooks icon on your desktop and press a right-click on it
  • Choose the option Run as Administrator.

Method – 2 Reinstall QuickBooks With Clean Install Tool

This method will guide you in clearing all the junks developed over a continuous use of your system and start with a refreshed design. Before removing the wastes, you must take the backup of your company file. Otherwise, it may lead to a data loss.

  • Delete QuickBooks desktop from your system
  • Rename all the installed folders by running and installing QuickBooks clean install tool
  • Reinstall QuickBooks desktop.

Method – 3 Examine the System Date and Time Settings Correctness

  • Move to the control panel on your system
  • Open the time settings and changed the date
  • Modify the time and date accurately
  • Press on Apply and then Okay.

Method – 4 Ensure If Internet Explorer is Configured Correctly

  • Access the Internet Explorer
  • Press on the Tools menu and choose Internet options
  • Access the Advanced tab
  • Move down until you find SSL2.0 and SSL3.0 options
  • Examine the boxes near both options
  • Press on Apply and Okay.

After going through the above troubleshooting methods, if you cannot rectify QuickBooks Error Code 15240, you must dial the QuickBooks customer support number to fix it.